My name is Louis Fuller, and I am here to share with you this amazing lifestyle program – The Fuller Liquid Gold Detox Program. Basically, we maintain and service our car, our home, the clothes and shoes we wear! But what about our body?

Our body is a self-regulating, finely tuned instrument, and the most valuable asset we have. We all know that today, “Life is living in the fast lane”. Often stressful, often over-worked we find ourselves too exhausted, too busy and extremely time poor. More often than not this results in us neglecting our approach to nutrition, fitness and general well-being. They take a back seat.

Without our body being optimised to perform all of the functions in our daily life, we often fall into disrepair, or poor eating habits which affect our physical and mental performance. As a nutritional strategist, and former pro-golfer I have followed, and continue to follow, what I have come to call ‘The Fuller Fast’.

Welcome to our website! Start with the 24:00 Hour Program and work your way up.

– Louis Fuller


I would like to start by helping you to understand your body and its’ requirements so you that you can provide the right fuel, at the right time, and then progressively teaching you how to rest your body, allowing your body time to metabolise and recover.

Fasting helps by decreasing your appetite, and breaking the insulin resistance cycle so that insulin levels start to decrease. Insulin is the major regulator of your body weight. Your body learns to go lower (decreasing insulin levels) – hunger is suppressed – and total energy expenditure is maintained.






The 24:00 Detox Program is the first step in the Fuller Liquid Gold Detox. I generally recommend that you start here – start slow – and then build up to the next program. The 24 hour fasting period starts with completing your evening meal before 7:00pm and then not eating again until 24 hours later (7:00pm).  Work your way from here to a full 48 hours whereby you can be enjoying our Fuller Liquid Gold which provides essential minerals and nutrients throughout your fast and keeps you feeling ‘Full-er’.


The 48:00 Program fast involves dinner to dinner, or lunch to lunch, for example. If you eat at 12:00pm in the afternoon you would not eat again until 12:00pm 48:00 hours later.  You may prefer to have dinner with the family and schedule your 48:00 hour detox from 7:00pm thru to 7:00pm at the 48th hour.  Combine this with Fuller Liquid Gold.


Check with your Doctor first to identify any known health conditions, and prior to commencing the 72:00 hour Fuller Detox Plan. Day 1: Complete eating dinner by 7:00pm.  Day 2: Skip all meals and supplement with Fuller Liquid Gold. Day 3: Skip all meals and supplement with Fuller Liquid Gold.  Commence eating that evening at 7:00pm. The difference with our Detox Program is that you get to add Fuller-Liquid-Gold into your fasting program, providing you with all the essential nutrients and minerals throughout the fast + the added benefit of  feeling ‘Full-er’.


Many studies and trials have concurred significant weight-loss benefits. Overnight fasting makes the body switch from burning food to burning fat. Allowing 24 consecutive hours provides your digestive system with a ripple of stomach contraction. Giving your body a full 24 hours to act as a fat-burning furnace certainly has it’s benefits.


This longer duration fast tends to increase effectiveness for weight loss when combined with our dietary management plan.  We recommend you undertake this regime once per week. Many people find it so simple they increase it to 2 times per week. You can still drink your morning coffee and increase your intake of water throughout the day. The longer the duration you undertake the detox, the greater the benefits.


The benefits of the Fuller Liquid Gold Detox Plan and appetite suppression can lead to greater mental clarity. For Type 2 Diabetes many clinics will often advise their clients to make a routine out of skipping the morning meal and break their fast around 12:00pm Midday. Undertaking our 24:00 hour detox on regular days helps you to incorporate our detox as a regular part of your normal weekly and periodical routine. You can still start the day with your usual cup of coffee and increase your water intake.


7:00pm – Complete evening meal

7:00pm – Dinner 24 hours later

Recommend: Try to aim for the 24 hours and enjoy your evening meal with the family.

Benefits: Intermittent fasting is safe when followed correctly, and can change the function of cells, genes and hormones, and is therefore beneficial for weight loss and disease prevention. Fasting provides our body with the opportunity to ‘initiate important cellular repair, changing hormone levels which makes stored fat in your body more accessible to burn.

Positive Results : Blood levels of insulin drop significantly making fasting a positive for Type II Diabetes, and improving blood glucose control which facilitates fat burning.


7:00pm – Day 1 . Complete evening meal

7:00pm – Day 3 . Dinner with the Family

Recommend: Keep hydrated with lots of water intake, your usual cup of coffee is allowed (bonus), and if you get really hungry have a serving of Fuller-Liquid-Gold which helps you to feel fuller over the duration of the Fast.

Benefits: Human growth hormone increases and helps fat burning and muscle growth. Beneficial changes to our genes, protection against inflammation and disease.

Positive Results : The body undergoes important cellular repair and removal of waste products. A decrease in triglyceride and LDL cholesteroll levels reduces risk of type 2 diabetes (or improves it), as well as decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease.



DAY 1  7:00pm – Complete evening meal

DAY 2  Three servings of Fuller Liquid Gold (Skip all meals)

DAY 3  Three servings of Fuller Liquid Gold (Skip all meals)

DAY 4  7:00pm – Dinner with the family as usual.

Recommend: If you finish the evening meal with the family on a Sunday evening, and start the 72:00 hour fast, you will find it a welcome occurrence following the weekend. You will be able to sustain your body effectively and efficiently by implementing our Fuller Liquid Gold, your usual morning coffee, and plenty of water throughout the duration.

Frequency: Recommend at the commencement of each season.  That is, quarterly. I definitely recommend you work up to this one. To avoid malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies – especially on fasting days – combine with Fuller Liquid Gold (three times per day).

Listen to your Body : If you feel faint you should ‘listen to your body’ and in this case we recommend a light snack of fermented food -Kombucha, a lightly fermented tea beverage known to contain healthy bacteria which can help your gut, improve bodily functions, mood and stress as well as helping weight and cravings for food. Comes in lots of flavours – boosts your immune system, is a natural anti-biotic and works by creating a kind of sterile environment which inhibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria (acetic acid). The pro-biotics also fight bad bacteria – leaving the good bacteria and killing the bad (unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics). A healthy, happy immune system.



By undertaking The Fuller Liquid Gold 24 hour fast, you begin to stimulate autophagy, a cellular cleansing process. A state of ketosis may require greater than 36 hours of fasting. The benefits include appetite suppression and greater mental clarity. With the Fuller Fasting Program you will be guided by nutritional intake during this period of fasting. Fuller Liquid Gold is our home-made bone broth that is packed with essential nutrients and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Our bone broth will keep you feeling fuller and fulfilled during fasting periods.

– Louis Fuller


36 : 24 : 12


Come and join us. The difference with the Fuller Fasting Program is that you feel fuller and nutritionally satisfied throughout the duration of your fasting period. We have provided programs, recipes, diet and water intake, times and program outlines plus so much more.

  • Water Intake
  • Fuller Liquid Gold
  • Diet Supplement
  • Gentle Exercise . Relaxation

24 : 36 : 72 DETOX

To make it easy you can join the Fuller Liquid Gold dietary intake program. We show you what to drink, when to have your Fuller Liquid Gold bone broth and other allowed nutrients during the course of your fast. There is a program and diet plan for each of our detox programs. We even show you how to make my famous secret recipe – Fuller Liquid Gold, or you can purchase my home-made brew directly from me.


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